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Commercial vehicle insurance


Tradespeople depend heavily on their vans, farmers on their tractors and tour operators on their coaches. These important assets are the lifeblood of their businesses. That makes comprehensive insurance coverage a must-have. With commercial vehicle insurance you are protected against all eventualities – be that glass breakage, theft or collision. That way, you can be sure your company won’t come to a standstill.



The simple solution – the right protection for you at a cost-effective combined price

With Generali's commercial vehicle insurance, you get all the major forms of cover at a cost-effective price – it’s the full package. This includes mandatory third-party liability insurance, accident insurance and (comprehensive or partial) accidental damage insurance, and automatically comes with assistance.



What is insured?

Commercial vehicle insurance offers comprehensive cover for wide-ranging commercial vehicles:

  • Delivery vans and trucks
  • Minibuses and coaches
  • Agricultural vehicles (e.g. tractors) and industrial tractors
  • Trailers
  • Mobile homes


Your commercial vehicle insurance can consist of three types of insurance:

  • Third-party liability insurance
    This is compulsory and insures against damage caused to third parties. For instance, you are covered if someone is injured or killed, or if property is damaged by your commercial vehicle.
  • Accidental damage insurance
    Partial accidental damage insurance:
    Insures against damage caused by theft, fire, natural events, rodents, glass breakage or vandalism, etc.
    Comprehensive accidental damage insurance: As for partial accidental damage insurance, plus cover for collision damage of your own vehicle.
  • Accident insurance
    Drivers and passengers are insured when using your insured company vehicles. You are covered in the event of death or temporary or permanent disability resulting from an accident involving the insured vehicle.



Commercial vehicle insurance extras

In typical Generali fashion, a host of attractive extras are also available when you take out our commercial vehicle insurance:

  • Environmental bonus: A 25% premium reduction applies to vehicles that run on alternative energy sources
  • No-claims bonus protection: The first loss reported in any year does not affect your premium
  • Waiver of right of recourse in the event of gross negligence: With this extra, we waive the requirement for you to pay part of the losses yourself in the event of gross negligence for events caused by the insured driver
  • Attractive joining bonus: You will receive a small bonus right from the start when you insure multiple drivers with us



What supplementary cover can you take out?

You can add some attractive supplementary forms of cover on top of your commercial vehicle insurance:

  • Items transported in the vehicle: All personal or professional belongings of the driver and passengers transported in the vehicle are insured
  • Glass Plus cover: Where this is taken out, all other damage to glass or glass-like materials (e.g. exterior mirrors, headlights or bulbs) on your vehicle is covered in addition to the standard glass breakage insurance. Internal defects and normal wear and tear are excluded

How you benefit

  • Highest-quality service, thanks to strong partnerships with specialists in glass breakage damage, breakdown assistance and assistance
  • We guarantee to settle accidental damage losses within seven days
  • Accident insurance
  • Gross negligence protection

How commercial vehicle insurance works


Practical example

Daniel Bayer is a self-employed tradesman. One day, his drill and various other tools are stolen out of his locked delivery vehicle, which was parked right outside his premises. Fortunately, Daniel has taken out additional cover for items transported in the vehicle. We pay him the value of the stolen items, up to the guaranteed sum insured – enabling Daniel to keep working without interruption.


The insurance covers drivers, vehicle holders and passengers.

The insurance is valid from the date specified in the insurance contract. Your contract will be extended by one year after the end of its term if neither you nor Generali receive written notice of cancellation at least three months before then.

All insurance products (third-party liability, accidental damage, passenger protection and fleet assistance) are valid in the following countries: Switzerland, all EU/EEA countries and Andorra. Accidental damage

insurance is also valid in Kosovo. You will need a Green Card for trips to countries within Europe that are not EU/EEA members. This can be obtained from Generali.

The premium is calculated based on the scope of cover selected and depends on multiple criteria, such as:

  • Age
  • Driving licence date
  • Bonus/penalty
  • Vehicle (type, performance, value)


The best way to find out is to request a non-binding offer.

Additional options

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