eBill – the secure, simple and environmentally friendly way to pay

Jul 18, 2016. Posted in Diverses

We're all familiar with it: file piled upon file full of archived paper invoices, wrongly completed transfer forms and time-consuming trips to the post office – so let's put a stop to it! Go for the e-banking option and pay your property insurance bill from Generali with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The advantages of eBill don’t take long to add up: it's secure, convenient and environmentally friendly. Your data are transmitted via a secure connection. You can check your electronic invoices at any time on screen, approve them, or – if there are discrepancies – reject them. You're also helping protect the environment by not creating mountains of superfluous paper. Don't wait any longer – see for yourself what the advantages of paying your property insurance bills this way are.


Everything sorted in just four steps

Don't have access to e-banking yet? Then ask your bank to set it up. All you need then is a computer hooked up to the web, and you can pay your bills in no time at all.

It's this simple:


1. Log in to your e-banking account

2. Click on the "eBill" option

3. Go to the list of people you've got invoices from and select "Generali"

4. Complete the application form and send it off. Done.


Further information is available at generali.ch/ebill. You'll also find there an overview of all the types of insurance you can pay for with eBill.