This website contains information about the “PROSPERA banking products”. These are pension products of a vested benefits institution or pension products linked to a personal pension plan of a foundation under the Swiss Occupational Pensions Act (BVG). They include either discretionary investments through the vested benefits institution or foundation or they consist of a collective investment scheme which is managed by the Swiss fund management company Generali Investments Switzerland Ltd. under Swiss law. All PROSPERA banking products listed on this website are marketed exclusively in Switzerland and are not accessible to people domiciled or resident outside of Switzerland. Therefore, PROSPERA Banking products cannot be sold, offered or delivered outside of Switzerland.


Access to the information contained herein may be limited by certain laws and regulations. This information constitutes neither an offer to sell nor an offer to buy.


Neither Generali Personal Insurance Ltd. nor any of its contracting partners can offer any assurance or guarantee that the information published on this website is correct, up to date, accurate or complete. The information on this website does not constitute an investment recommendation. Investment opportunities contain risks that could include the loss of the invested capital. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact a financial advisor. Under no circumstances can Generali Personal Insurance Ltd. be held liable for any losses or direct or indirect damage suffered as a result of this information.


Investment in PROSPERA banking products should only be made after thorough examination of the relevant pension plan agreement and the current sales prospectus of the Generali Funds it contains. For more information on PROSPERA banking products and the Generali Funds they contain, please read the relevant pension plan agreement, the current sales prospectus including the fund contract, the key investor information document (KIID) and the annual and semi-annual reports that are available free of charge on request from the fund management company Generali Investments Switzerland Ltd. (Generali Investments Schweiz AG, Soodmattenstrasse 10, CH-8134 Adliswil) and can be accessed at any time on the website of the Generali funds publication medium at


This website does not publish up-to-date sales prospectuses with integrated fund contract, key investor information documents (KIID) or annual and semi-annual reports for Generali funds. However, this website does provide a hyperlink to the website of the publication platform Swiss Fund Data for each PROSPERA banking product listed and the Generali funds they contain, where the latest fund documents for the respective GENERALI fund are always available.


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Approval for sale

GENERALI Funds have been approved for sale in the following countries


Investment funds under Swiss law

GENERALI Investment Fund Switzerland
GENERALI Bond Fund CHF Switzerland
GENERALI Equity Fund Switzerland Switzerland
GENERALI INVEST Long Term Bond Fund CHF Switzerland
GENERALI Multi INDEX 10 Switzerland
GENERALI Multi INDEX 20 Switzerland
GENERALI Multi INDEX 30 Switzerland
GENERALI Multi INDEX 40 Switzerland
GENERALI INVEST - Risk Control 1 Switzerland
GENERALI INVEST - Risk Control 2 Switzerland
GENERALI INVEST - Risk Control 3 Switzerland
GENERALI INVEST - Risk Control 4 Switzerland
GENERALI INVEST - Risk Control 5 Switzerland
GENERALI INVEST - Risk Control 6 Switzerland
GENERALI Short Term Bond Fund CHF Switzerland
GENERALI Balanced Fund CHF Switzerland
GENERALI Balanced Fund EUR Switzerland
GENERALI ESG Equity Fund Switzerland
GENERALI ESG Multi Asset Fund Switzerland