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Luggage insurance – rapid assistance for lost or delayed luggage

Financially covered for delayed, stolen or damaged suitcases

Has your suitcase not arrived at your holiday destination? Then you need to buy everything from new toothbrushes to swimwear. With luggage insurance , we cover the costs of this. In addition, you’re also insured if your suitcase is stolen or damaged. Luggage insurance also covers the contents - from expensive headphones to designer clothes.


  • Cover for your suitcase and all items for your personal needs while travelling
  • Insurance against theft, damage or destruction
  • Financial support for urgently required items when luggage is delayed
  • Supplementary module: can be combined with a basic module

What is covered

  • All items for your personal needs that you have with you on the trip
  • Theft, damage or destruction of your luggage
  • Delayed luggage on outward journey with more than four hours’ delay



Practical example

You leave your luggage with the hotel porter. Upon your return, you discover that the luggage is damaged.


What does the luggage insurance cover?

We reimburse you for the repair costs or the replacement costs of the damaged items.



  • New suitcase: CHF 300
  • New items in the suitcase, e.g. headphones, clothing: CHF 1,200


Costs if you don’t have insurance

Total costs for you: CHF 1,500

Estimated costs per person

Costs with insurance

Premium for luggage insurance: CHF 61.90

One family covered for 1 year

Deductible: CHF 200


Further coverage

Would you be interested in other coverage? As well as luggage insurance , we offer the following modules:

Basic modules

Supplementary modules



It can happen out of nowhere that your suitcase is lost or damaged by a transport company. Luggage insurance covers you financially in this case.

The insurance for your suitcases covers the replacement cost at the time of the loss. In addition, we cover the costs for urgently needed replacement purchases if your luggage is delayed.

Luggage insurance pays out if your baggage is stolen, damaged or destroyed while you are carrying it. In addition, we cover the loss, damage or destruction of luggage that has been handed over to a transport or storage company.

The luggage insurance is a supplementary module as part of our travel insurance. To take out this supplementary insurance, you must select at least one basic module first. You can take out the luggage insurance online or through one of our advisors.

The insurance does not cover items while you are using them or damage due to wear and tear. We do not insure items that you yourself leave behind, misplace or lose.