Travel packing list: what do you need to take?

Jul 7, 2022.

It is almost time to head off on holiday: now all you need to do is pack your suitcase, lock up your home and leave a key with your neighbours, if you choose to do so. But what do you actually need to take with you? Our travel checklist offers you a helping hand.

Always be well-prepared with our travel checklist

No matter whether you are holidaying by the sea, heading off on a mountain bike tour or spending time by the pool with your family, there are some key things you need to take with you on holiday, alongside any specific equipment like your trail bike, parasol or bucket & spade. Besides suitable clothing and toiletries, you also need to make sure you have the important documents for your holiday accommodation to hand. That said, you might need different things for your trip depending on the season and where you are going. It is crucial that you take a warm jumper with you if you are going skiing, but if you are heading off on a summer break in a warmer spot, you should pack t-shirts and shorts instead.


A travel packing list can be a helpful tool to make sure you do not forget anything important in the excitement leading up to your holiday. Use the list to perfectly plan out in advance what you need for your holiday and how many of each item to take. When it is time to pack your bags, get out everything you need – from your trousers to your tops, right through to your hairdryer – and tick off the things you have already got in your suitcase. Our travel packing list can help make sure you have an overview. Plus, you can always add personal items to the list, like your little one’s favourite soft toy or grandma’s cushion.


Our downloadable checklist for your holiday

Want to use our holiday checklist to remove the stress of packing your suitcase next time you go away? Then download the PDF, print out the list and get started! If you want to add anything else to the list, just use the blank spaces. And if you want to find out what you should put in your first aid kit, our first aid kit checklist is here to help.



Side note: other things you need to be prepared for on holiday

Generali’s travel checklist will ensure you have got everything you need on your next holiday. Alongside this, there are a few other important things you need to double-check before you head off. If you are going abroad, you need to check your destination’s current entry requirements. Is your driving licence valid in your destination country? And what about your passport’s validity? Can you withdraw money overseas for free with your card? What costs will you incur for using your smartphone abroad?


Things can go wrong when you are on holiday. So it is reassuring to know you have got reliable travel cover if you need it. Generali’s travel insurance is a modular product: you are free to choose from basic and additional modules to create the travel cover that is right for you. This will ensure you and your family are protected against illnesses, travel cancellations and more when you are on holiday – just the way you need.