Luca Hänni is the new mentor of the "SMA Kids by Generali" programme encouraging musical creativity

Mar 16, 2021.

This year, Luca Hänni will be supporting the programme to encourage musical creativity run by Generali Switzerland and the Swiss Music Awards. Kids will explore the basics of music at five workshops and record a song together with the Swiss singer. The proceeds from the song will go to the "Petite Suisse" children's charity, which helps make the wishes of disadvantaged youngsters come true.

"SMA Kids by Generali", a programme that encourages musical creativity, enables the Swiss Music Awards (SMA) and Generali Switzerland to make the world of music more accessible to children. Girls and boys aged six to twelve are given the chance to try out all kinds of musical ideas at one-day workshops in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Fribourg and Lausanne. In addition to experimenting with instruments and giving their creativity free rein in band and percussion sessions, the participants also learn the basics of songwriting and satisfy their urge to move through dance.


Luca Hänni invites children along on a musical journey

This year, Luca Hänni will be the programme's musical mentor. The Swiss singer-songwriter will take part in all the workshops, answering the kids' questions and working together with them on a song and matching choreography. The youngsters will be swept along on a musical journey for a day. The aim of the workshops and the chance to meet Luca Hänni is to spark their passion for music.


"Sharing an irrepressible love of music"

Music became a big part of Luca Hänni's life at an early age. He took his first drum lessons while still at nursery. At the age of nine, he began teaching himself guitar and piano. He is fired up about his new role as mentor: "I'm really looking forward to actively supporting the 'SMA Kids by Generali' programme to encourage musical creativity this year. I've learned a lot throughout my career, but what I would like to pass on to the kids most of all is what no young musician can do without: an irrepressible love of music."


Song proceeds go to the "Petite Suisse" children's charity

This year again, all of the money raised by the song will be used to help socially disadvantaged children. The Human Safety Net Switzerland, the foundation driven by Generali Switzerland, has entered into a partnership with "Petite Suisse". This charity makes the wishes of seriously ill and socially disadvantaged children come true. Those taking part in the programme to encourage musical creativity will therefore bring joy to the lives of children who are experiencing difficult times. Through their song, the kids will be helping other kids.


"SMA Kids by Generali" workshops

13 July 2021: Bern, Progr

16 July 2021: Lausanne, Arsenic

17 July 2021: Fribourg, Gustav Academy

24 July 2021: Basel, Badhuesli

29 July 2021: Zurich, Plaza


Registration for the workshops opens on 16 March 2021 at


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