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Personal assistance – supplement to the international health insurance

Double protection thanks to personal and medical assistance while travelling

Personal assistance consists of medical assistance and travel assistance. Medical assistance is the ideal travel health insurance for Swiss citizens. It takes effect where the statutory basic health insurance ends when you are abroad. For example, we cover treatment costs if you have an illness or accident. Our travel assistance helps you with your return journey if your means of transport fails or your passport gets stolen.


  • Ideal supplement to statutory health and accident insurance
  • Medical treatment and hospital stays abroad
  • Early, late and temporary return journeys are covered
  • Coronavirus travel insurance: pandemic coverage also applies if you get coronavirus
  • Basic module: the personal assistance insurance can be taken out individually without any other modules

What is covered

Medical assistance

The medical assistance covers the costs of search-and-rescue operations, cost for emergency transport, return expenses and treatment costs for:

  • Illness, accident, death
  • Missing person
  • Complications during pregnancy


Travel assistance

Our travel assistance covers early, late and temporary return journeys in the event of:

  • Illness, accident, pregnancy complications
  • Disappearance or death of a relative or a travel companion
  • Exceptional events or failure of means of transport
  • Loss of travel documents or essential medication



Practical example

You are in Bangkok with your daughter but, because of food poisoning, you cannot travel back to Switzerland or take part in the activities you have booked for your holiday.


What does the personal assistance with family coverage cover?

We organise and pay the following for you and your daughter:

  • Extending your stay (accommodation and meals)
  • The new flight ticket (return to Switzerland)
  • Costs of booking the activities you were unable to take part in
  • Extra costs of transporting your daughter from the hotel to hospital



  • Extending your stay: CHF 1,800
  • New flight ticket: CHF 800
  • Booked activities, e.g. diving course: CHF 400
  • Transport costs from hotel to hospital: CHF 150



Costs if you don’t have insurance

Total costs for you: CHF 3,150

Estimated costs per person

Costs with insurance

Premium for personal assistance: CHF 83.80

Family insurance for 1 year


Further coverage

Would you be interested in other coverage? As well as personal assistance, we offer the following modules:

Basic modules

Supplementary modules



Depending on which health insurance coverage you have, your protection abroad could be sufficient – but it may not. Generali’s personal assistance makes sure you get treatment where you are staying if you need it. And we will get you back to Switzerland safely without you having to pay expensive treatment costs. This insurance helps out where the ordinary health insurance and accident insurance don’t pay out.

It’s important that you have health insurance from a Swiss health insurance company in Switzerland. Our personal assistance is not a replacement for this type of insurance. Our insurance helps out where the ordinary health insurance and accident insurance don’t pay out. 

It is worth taking out the personal assistance insurance if you have not already taken out many supplementary insurance policies through your health insurance company. The insurance is particularly useful if you are travelling with the whole family.

Personal assistance is valid for the duration of the insurance policy you have taken out. So you are protected for at least one year for all your trips.

Yes. If you get ill, we will cover the costs of any required treatment and arrangements. This includes costs for extending a trip, repatriation or accompanying minors back to their home.

If you have to go into quarantine because you have coronavirus, we will pay the additional costs for extending your trip. However, if you are not ill but still have to go into quarantine, we will not pay the additional costs because this is the result of an official order.

We do not cover the treatment costs in Switzerland after you return there.