SME Academy – Employment Law Training

Jul 14, 2020.

The legal situation for SMEs and the self-employed changes with every decision of the Federal Council, especially where employment law is concerned. While this opens up new opportunities, it also creates confusion. Marco Beffa, our expert on SME legislation at Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance, clarifies the three most important points of employment law and answers your questions.


  • Intro
  • Assistance for SMEs, the self-employed and freelancers during corona times: short-time work, income compensation, bridging loans, practical challenges
  • Annual leave and overtime: dealing with holiday entitlements, compensation for overtime, legal particularities
  • Redundancies: terminating employment relationships, particular aspects in corona times.
  • Question and answer session


How you benefit

  • You learn what assistance you can claim to minimise the economic impact on your business and what challenges you'll be faced with.
  • You learn how to deal with your employees' annual leave entitlements – in "normal" times and during the corona crisis.
  • You learn what options you have for terminating employment relationships due to hardship, and whether making staff redundant during the corona crisis is permissible by law. 





Marco Beffa


Head of Commercial Claims

Fortuna Legal Protection

About the SME Academy

The Swiss SME Survey revealed the challenges faced by SMEs and self-employed business owners in the age of COVID-19. Impressed by so much entrepreneurship, we've joined forces with the Swiss SME Association (SKV) to launch the SME Academy. A large number of experts share their practical knowledge in short online training sessions specifically designed to help SMEs and self-employed people during these difficult times. The training session was held in German.