SME Academy – Online Marketing Training

Jul 9, 2020.

How can you, as an SME, win new customers without direct contact? Mike Schwede shows you which measures are key. 


There are many services that can be used, and they are often free. Website essentials, plus Google and social media basics, are covered in five key topic areas. You'll also get information about important website sales extensions.




  • Basis for all measures: "SME Canvas" handout featuring strategy fields, goals, audiences (Powdience), funnel, top 5 topics
  • Your website as the core of digital marketing
  • Target and conversion path: short, concise, mobile ("inspector mode" tip), photos, videos, content, analytics
  • Google basics: findability



How you benefit

  • You become more familiar with the basics of online marketing.
  • You know how to use your website to market yourself online.
  • You get the "SME Canvas", enabling you to create the right bases online.





Mike Schwede

Digital Strategist
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About the SME Academy

The Swiss SME Survey revealed the challenges faced by SMEs and self-employed business owners in the age of COVID-19. Impressed by so much entrepreneurship, we've joined forces with the Swiss SME Association (SKV) to launch the SME Academy. A large number of experts share their practical knowledge in short online training sessions specifically designed to help SMEs and self-employed people during these difficult times. The training session was held in German.