Help, I lost my job – what do I do now?

Oct 17, 2022.


Can my employment contract be terminated without cause? And what are my rights if it is terminated without notice? We offer clarity and show you how to proceed if you have the feeling that you have been treated unfairly. You can find further information on this topic and sample templates in our knowledge hub. Link to download.



Minute 1:21

The differences between the various reasons for termination are outlined in this section: 

  • What is “ordinary termination”?
  • What is “termination without notice”?
  • What are the reasons for termination without notice?
  • What is “wrongful termination”?
  • What are the reasons for wrongful termination?
  • What is “unlawful termination”?
  • Can you be terminated while ill?
  • What is meant by “dismissal protection”?


Minute 5:22

The second section answers questions about termination by the employee:

  • What does “freedom to terminate” mean?
  • Must I provide a reason in my notice of termination?
  • By when do I need to cancel my employment contract?
  • Are there templates for letters of termination?
  • Do I have to provide proof of termination?


Note: The podcast with our legal specialists from Fortuna Legal Protection is currently broadcast in Swiss German.


«The principle of “freedom to terminate” applies under Swiss employment contract law, meaning either party may terminate an employment contract. Despite the principle of freedom to terminate, there are certain limitations. Get sound advice, document the situation and take note of any notice periods, as these are particularly important.»


Valeria V. Vonlaufen, Claims legal specialist at Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Lucerne, Valeria received her Master’s degree from the University of St. Gallen. She has many years of experience in the banking sector, law firms and district courts in Italian- and German-speaking Switzerland, and now works as a legal specialist for Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance. Valeria appreciates her close contact with customers, and finds the opportunity to offer them good advice very meaningful. She mainly deals with cases in employment law, contract law and tenancy law.