Move house without any nasty surprises

Sep 7, 2021.


Tips and tricks for a relaxed move. We explain your rights towards landlords and prepare a checklist to make sure you aren’t faced with any nasty surprises the next time you move. Visit our knowledge hub for more sample templates, tips and tricks. Link to download.




In this section we answer the following questions about defects:

  • What can I do if my oven breaks?
  • Who pays for the oven repair?
  • What defects does the tenant have to cover? What defects does the landlord have to cover?
  • How can I prepare myself for defects when handing over the apartment?



The second section answers questions about the handover of the apartment:

  • Why do I need a checkout inventory and what is its purpose?
  • What is an admission of guilt?


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Then we answer questions about painting walls:

  • Am I obligated to have the walls repainted?
  • What constitutes “minor maintenance”?
  • What is the lifespan of a wall?
  • Do I have to paint coloured walls white when I move out?


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In the fourth section we answer your questions about pets:

  • Are pets allowed in rental properties?
  • Which pets are not permitted?



And finally – smoking:

  • Is smoking permitted in the apartment?
  • Can the landlord prohibit me from smoking?
  • As a smoker, what should I bear in mind when moving out of the apartment?


Note: The podcast with our legal specialists from Fortuna Legal Protection is currently broadcast in Swiss German.

About the expert

“Before moving day, it is advisable to document all defects in the apartment to ensure that, in case of any disputes, you can prove your position and secure your rights. Do not allow anyone to pressure you.”


Baltasar Reeves, Lawyer at Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance

Baltasar studied for his bachelor’s degree in law at the University of Lucerne and completed his master’s in 2017. Since his study time for the bar exam was extended due to COVID-19, Baltasar started work as a Front Office Claims legal specialist at Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance at 40% FTE. Baltasar has been working full time at Fortuna since his admission to the bar in Lucerne at the start of 2021. Tenancy law has interested Baltasar since university and is his speciality.